Reviewed by Diane Bock
Stephans Fine Jewelry has an incredible collection of jewelry including simple, classic designs as well as unique, modern pieces. The staff is friendly, patient and knowledgeable. Greg, Eddie and Ted listen to your ideas and work with your creative vision as well as within your financial range.I discovered Stephans when looking to design a ring. I met with the owner and goldsmith, Greg, and described what I had in mind. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted, but I knew what I didn’t want. Greg spent several weeks working with me to design the perfect ring! I have since come back on several occasions and always recommend Stephans to anyone looking for beautiful jewelry and a positive experience.

Reviewed by Ashleigh B.
I am in love with this jewelry shop! I recently got my engagement ring there, about 2 weeks ago. Ted helped my fiance and I pick out the most beautiful and perfect ring I could imagine. It was very important to me that I get my ring in Santa Cruz because this is where we are planning to spend our lives together. We spent almost 2 hours in the small shop looking at rings and discussing all our options. We never felt pushed to do anyting. We had such a great experience. I was also told the jeweler would be able to design a wedding band to match my engagement ring which is so AWESOME!! My fiance also found a ring that he would love to have! I was told that since we bought the engagement ring there we would also be able to get 20% off the men’s ring! so cool!! I can’t wait to get more jewelry from this shop in the future! It was such a personal experience!! I would highly recommend this jewerly store! It may be small but it has a lot to offer!

Reviewed by Nancy T.
My fiance and I were looking for a simple plain woman’s wedding band. We walked into Stephan’s on a whim just to look around. The salesman initially tried to show us some diamond bands, but we said no…just a plain white gold band. He brought out a case from underneath the display shelf and I found the perfect ring to fit with my engagement ring (that was purchased somewhere else). Their price was the same as any store at the mall. Although we could have gone anywhere for a plain band, we decided to purchase one at Stephan’s because

1. the salesperson was really nice and honored our wish to see plain bands 2. we wanted to buy the ring in Santa Cruz since that is where we met3. they were able to size it for us while we waited.

It was a pretty good overall experience with not much sales “pushiness”. They even gave my ring a rhodium coating to match the platinum engagement ring. We also thought it was cool that the owner was at his jewelry work bench, which was right at the front of the store. We would definitely recommend checking them out to anyone looking around for jewelry.

Reviewed by Cilla P.
My fiance got my engagement ring at Stephan’s, and it was a complete surprise to me. He knew little to nothing about diamonds, bands, etc. (self-admitted, and I knew nothing either), and Eddie spent an hour & a half with him, helping him whittle down styles, diamond quality, and everything else. He stayed true to my fiance’s budget, and I came out with an absolutely stunning ring. Though I am a simple gal, I get compliments on my gorgeous diamond (& overall ring) all the time.

We went in to get our wedding bands a few months later, and the experience was just as great. We looked at several different styles, and the sales staff (Ted and a woman whose name I didn’t get) were very patient as we decided, sized, etc. They gave us a great price for the quality of the rings, and we couldn’t be happier. As a bonus, we got the rings (they were ordered) in less than a week! We thought it would take several weeks, but they work with great manufacturers.

When we picked up the bands, the goldsmith/owner was in there working the “floor,” and you can just see and hear his expertise every time he helps someone. It’s great that the person creating your masterpiece is also the business mind behind the operation.
I would highly recommend Stephan’s as a high-quality, fair-priced jeweler for anything from engagement rings to specialty (custom) jewelry. As a bonus, it’s a local store with local folks working… a great Santa Cruz find!